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Vote system
Jan 30, 10 10:07 AM
Jan 30, 10 5:16 AM
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                                    WELCOME !!!
We hope to make this site a great resource for our guild members to interact and help each other. We encourage all members to join the website here and add content and join in the forum discussions. You will find that our guild is full of funny and wonderful people who are ready to have fun and share in the experience that warcraft is.
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Vote system

GeneralKyei, Jan 30, 10 10:07 AM.
Guys ... About vote system .
We will use this sys 4 :
- Vote Promote (player)
- Vote Demote (player)
- Vote Kick (player)
So with this system no1 can be mad on a guild member or blame him (reason : you voted to kick me , it is just ur fault ! Nope this system will keep ur identity secret )
Just check the Voting section ! and give a try , you have there a accomodation sys .


GeneralKyei, Jan 30, 10 5:16 AM.

Basic Guild Rules:

1. Respect guildies and non guildies.
No abusing accusing and/or threatening members, or any other players on the server. This gives the Guild, and yourself, a very bad name.
If someone has been involved in an incident all members involved are requested to speak to General/Colonel . In this case all will be investigated and the appropriate actions can be taken. News travels fast… especially BAD news.

2. Basic rules in Instances and on General Chat
Avoid yelling or swearing in a disturbing matter - report incorrect behaviour through a GM ticket to the in-game GM's.
Do NOT attend an Instance if you are not sure you can finish the run.

3. No begging or asking for gold/silver/copper.
There is nothing more annoying in the game it seems than people asking for money. There are always items available from Guild Bank if you are in need of equipment, ask there 1st!!!

4. No heavy trade in the guild/ to guildies.
Avoid selling items to fellow guildies, giving is much nicer

5. Treat the game and guild members and any other players exactly how you also like to be treated. (What you give is what you get.)

6. Make your characters clear within the Guild.
Every member is requested to show in their Guild personal note info who their main character is. This can be especially useful on alts.

7. Use just English language on Guild Chat / Raid Chat / Forums / Sitte

                Never ninja ! roll just on main spec (if you wanna roll on ur 2nd one report that to Raid Leader )
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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